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Over 150,000 tons of ultra pure Iron powder Anually

Yuntie's : Manufacturing

Yuntie has a manufacturing based which is ISO9001 certified. As a high and new technology enterprise (HNTE) in China, Yuntie''s manufacturing base has a registered capital of 50 million RMB.

Yuntie's manufacuring base's total floor area amounts to 36,000 square meters. In September 2014, Yuntie's manufacuring base was selected by People's Government of Chaoyang Municipality as the Academic Expert laboratory for Chaoyang's New Metal Materials Research.

Yuntie's manufacuring base has always attached great importance to iron powder purification technology. Tapping into Chaoyang's rich mineral mining resources, a professional R&D team has been built to research on deep processing of iron powder and develop products of high purity iron-based materials in the industry.

Advantages of YUNTIE's manufacturing base

Now, Yuntie's manufacuring base boasts a systematic knowledge of high purity iron-based materials production technologies, including iron powder purification technology, tunnel kiln technology, high purity iron and ultra-fine iron powder production technologies.

So far, Yuntie's manufacuring base has reached an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of high quality ultra pure iron powder, 40,000 tons of reduced iron. The base is able to process the resultant primary reduced iron powder and generate 10,000 tons of secondary reduced iron powder per year.

With integrity and cooperation as our business principles, Yuntie's manufacuring base believes with exceptionally high quality materials, you'll manufacture exceptionally high quality products out of those. Your requirements are what we have always fulfilled and will continue to fulfil for each single of your orders. With Yuntie's manufacuring base's advantages, we would be able to create greater and more stable profit margins for our clients. Meanwhile, with the your feedbacks, we look forward to constant innovation and new challenges in the future with your evolving manufacturing needs.


Advantages of Yuntie's manufacturing base

In 2012, Yuntie's manufacuring base independently developed and set up the first all-cotton light body structure tunnel kiln for reduced iron powder production in China. The management and research team at Yuntie's manufacturing base has nearly 20 years' experience with iron powder. Based on their iron ore research and production experiences in almost 20 years, drawing on experiences from China and abroad, the research team built a highly automatic, technologically advanced plant for ultra pure iron powder production with an annual capacity of 150,000 tons. After purification and processing for top quality iron ore straight away, the resultant ultra pure iron powder contains less than 0.15% acid-insoluble content and more than 71.8% Fe content. This China's first-class ultra pure iron powder production plant can produce materials with stable and consistent quality, thus building a solid foundation for subsequent production of reduced iron powder.

In 2012, Yuntie's manufacuring base independently developed and set up China's first all-cotton light body structure tunnel kiln for reduced iron powder production. This patented technology made an innovative reform of the traditional iron reduction technique. The tunnel kiln features all-cotton insulation, a flat ceiling and uses silicon carbide cylinders to feed materials. Great heat preservation, low energy consumption and high-level automation was achieved in the tunnel kiln. In particular, replacing insulating bricks in the flat ceiling with cotton reduces temperature variations on the cross section of the kiln, enabled consistent heating of the upper and the lower sides of the feeding cylinders, thus avoiding over-burning on the top and insufficient heating at the bottom when processing sponge iron, which had often happened in the traditional arched kiln. The resultant reduced iron with stable quality makes it leader in China, laying a solid foundation for consistent reduction in the secondary reduction process.

In secondary reduction of iron powder, Yuntie's manufacuring base used a 7,000 tons (annual capacity) steel belt electric heat treat furnace (protected by decomposed ammonia gas) and a steel belt electric heat treat furnace with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons. Before reduction, a 30 tons biconical dynamic mixer was used to mix the primary reduced iron powder for consistent chemical composition and physical properties. The iron cake then went through primary crushing, secondary crushing, screening, magnetic separation and other processes before being fed to a 40 tons blender in batches. Following the concepts of mechanization, environmental protection and quality stability, this crushing plant adopted continuous automatic crushing, mainly used continuous feeding process with evenly-distributed feeding materials, so as to retain consistent and original quality of the iron powder.

To meet the market demand, with the goal of improving product quality and further developing the current products, Yuntie's manufacturing base has always been upgrading its production techniques and optimized its products to meet our clients evolving manufacturing needs. In 2014, Yuntie's manufacturing base achieved industrial production of high purity iron powder, with as high as 99.9% - 99.99% Fe content, featuring low carbon, low Sulphur, low phosphorus, great electro-conductivity and magneto-conductivity. This high purity iron powder can serve as the quality and stable raw material for various industries.

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